3 Essential Social Media Tools For The CEO

Posted on 28 mayo, 2012


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Written by Jeff Bullas – jeffbullas.com

The chief executives and owners of companies are often asked to participate in conferences or seminars because of their influence and insights into their industry as thought leaders and experts in their field.3 Essential Social Media Tools For The CEO

In times of crisis a CEO proactively communicating about how they are solving the problem can calm stock markets and be a great public relations strategy to protect market value and brand integrity. Just recently Alan Joyce the CEO of the airline Qantas had to very quickly and proactively communicate with it’s customers and community about the the airlines safety after an engine blast on a Qantas Airbus A380 flight from Singapore nearly turned into a major disaster.

How CEO’s Can Get Their Message Out

Leaders very often need to get their message out and in the past the only means they had was via mass media and Alan Joyce…

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