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Posted on 14 diciembre, 2011


Facebook is a good place to communicate with friends and get new job offers. Freelancers should not miss an employment opportunity on Facebook. The social network app section is a real treasure box with multiple handy applications.

These are some of the best Facebook applications that help freelances boost their productivity, enhance their business pages, show off their portfolio and attract new contacts. Since many freelancers work with social media as experts, account managers and analysts, the list below has both apps for personal profiles and Facebook pages.

Welcome Page


A welcome page has become a must-have feature for every Facebook business page. It’s a space to say “Hi” to new fans and encourage people to click the “Like” button. There used to be an authentic Static FBML app developed by the Facebook team for welcome page creation. But it does not exist any longer, so a freelancer should choose an alternative application for welcome pages such as: iFrame, iwipa, TabPress, Wildfire, Welcome by Word of Social, etc.

The setup process is simple: switch to your page mode, install an app, add content, images, links and publish the new welcome page. Most of these welcome apps are either free or require a small fee for a logo-free welcome tab.

Business Profile

Business Profile

To get a new employment offer via Facebook friends, a freelancer may add a portfolio or business experience page. This professional portrait will work like a public business card. If you want to show your freelance skill on Facebook, publish a short summary from your LinkedIn account or create a standalone page with apps like My LinkedIn profile, Professional, Business Profile or Professional Profile. Thus, a potential employer may evaluate your reputation and knowledge directly on your Facebook profile.



Connections are an important source for new job opportunities for freelancers. Thus, a good contact form, email signup tool or contacts list may be a useful plug-in for your Facebook profile. There are various options to consider depending on your needs: Contapps, Contact Tab, Constant Contact, Email Signup, or MailChimp. These applications can be installed on both pages and personal accounts.



A good recommendation means a lot for a freelance business. Try Reviews, Reviews- or Ratings app to help your customers or employers to express their opinion about your work.

Each app allows people to post a short overview, a rating or a long testimonial. It is a suitable add-on for pages to prove business reliability. These recommendations from real customer profiles help convince new clients to work with you.

Productivity Tools

Google Calendar Sync

Facebook is not only a place for playing FarmVille. It’s full of productivity tools for freelancers. These apps will help you work more efficiently. There are simple calendars, notes or more advanced online project management applications.

To get things done, install apps like Calendar by 30Boxes, Facebook Notes, Google Calendar Sync or Zoho App. These Facebook productivity apps help keep your day organized.

Updates From Other Social Networks


Avid social media users and freelancers may add great updates from other networks to their Facebook account or page. Embed YouTube, Flickr or Twitter steam on Facebook via its apps. Enrich your Facebook profile with useful links, video or images. Besides, you can automatically transmit all information saving time on double update publishing and sync all your social media channels.


Networked Blogs

Freelance bloggers will enjoy Facebook apps that enable them to announce fresh posts automatically in their social network. Tools like Networked Blogs, Simplaris BlogCast, Tumblr facilitate blog content exchange. If you run a WordPress blog, Networked blogs app is a useful tool for post sharing. Your Facebook fans will be immediately notified after new posts release on your blog.



Have questions? Facebook has answers! There are lots of polling tools that freelancer can try. Apps like Facebook Questions or SurveyMonkey, Poll help make Facebook pages more interactive, get a public opinion or generate new business ideas.



Facebook business pages may generate leads and boost ROI as marketing gurus know. Every freelance social media experts dreams about getting more profitable traffic from Facebook. If you are developing social media engagement program, think about using the promotional apps available on Facebook: Contests, Sweeptakes or EasyPromos. These tools are great for organizing contests or promotional events with word of mouth support.

E-commerce & Donations

Facebook is an excellent solution for money making. There are various e-commerce apps and non-profit money gathering tools. For instance, Payvment is a check-out application for Facebook. With Payvment you can create a store on Facebook and deploy it for money processing.

If you collect donations for a non-profit organization or an independent rock-band try Causes or FundRazr by PayPal. The products will help you gather money via the social network and reach your audience.

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